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George Graves

I am simply a follower of the Real Jesus Whom tells us about the Real Father, Whom as the genuine Spirit of Truth that tells us how to love & like everyone in the realm of how THEY do!

Sure, I am passionate about many things, but here is on a thumb nail sketch:  One is convinced that it is "A tragedy and usually a sin, do do what others can do can do, while leaving undone what  only you can do!"  

Other window to my soul are:

-Getting to be the spouse (since 1981, partner, & bodyguard to my amazing woman of my dreams- Melanie!

-She gave me two amazing kids-- Grant & Brittany. 

-They brought into my life their Riley (Grant's wife) along with Billy (Brittany's husband).  

-They have blessed us with 3 granddaughters:  Libby, Sophie, and one whose name is not official yet!

- Being a family physician and being privileged to try and assist people in their total health 

-Being passionate about introducing folks to MASTERmind / brain synergy teams that compliment their life

-Having meaningful interactions with the neat people I have divine appointments with.

-Hitting tennis balls, preferably with people and now with my new legal double handled tennis racquet "The Natural Tennis" --

- more to come as time permits!

Whom are my readers and fellow pilgrims on this earth that is going to recreated soon by the Real Jesus?


Will the Real JESUS Stand Up?   (Yes HE will!)

The key question is this:  Will you recognize Real JESUS vs will you continue to be fooled by the Counterfeit Jesus?



The program "To Tell the Truth" was a popular TV show* that keeps coming back and is still on!*  Much more important than this program is this:  Will you open the door to the Real JESUS, but quit opening the door to the Fake Jesus?



The stakes can't be higher!  You truly can't afford to not get this one right!  Why?  If you keep opening the door to the Anti-Jesus--you will be a captive and slave to countless forces.  Even your will to live will dry up and blow away.  This tragedy need not happen.  For it would not only rob the entire Cosmos for eternity, it will scar GOD (all THREE of THEM) in ways all eternity will not be able to adequately answer.*  




If you open the door to the "Real JESUS"--you will have a peace, contentment, joy, kindness, let alone you will have adventures that will never ever end!  Don't mess this up.    It can be a way beyond the wildest dreams you could ever come up with come true!


So how do I get this right?


Ask the Spirit of Truth to daily guide you in how you listen and respond to the Real JESUS--WHO rather die than live without you" (Michael Card) This part of the God-head, will guide any and all through so that counterfeits will not ultimately make a fool out of you.


Here are a wealth of other resources that I have found to be helpful in my journey and adventure, that despite being on a dying planet--our adventure can begin here and now!  We must not forget that God's plans to restore this messed up world back to it's Eden state will happen at His 3rd Appearing!  


Let me give you a teaser:   God is going to plant the Capital of the entire Cosmos--the New Jerusalem right here on the sole planet that joined Satan in the rebellion  (Start your own adventure of soaking this in!)   


By the way, soak in this key fact:  All lies will be answered on the Day of Judgement.  Any and all questions after that will not be on the negative side of doubt--but will all be on the positive side of wonder!


So go ahead and open the door for the Real JESUS!  

P.S.  See next blog on amazing resources that will speed up greatly your adventure on finding out new amazing breathtaking wonders about God and His Love & Like for all of us!  (Even those that will not accept His healing and offer to restore any and all of us!)***






**This intense investigation will be a passionate theme for all the Cosmos--both saved and almost lost!  Yet we will never come even close to pluming it's depth--let alone measuring the other parameters of the 3rd dimension (let alone 4th, 5th, +++ dimensions that nearly blow our current small minds capacity).  


***Where Do You Want Your Name?"  http://http//






Will the Real Jesus Stand Up?


Open the Door for the Real Jesus—NOT the Anti-Jesus!


The stakes can’t be higher!  You need to get this one right!  If you open the door to the Anti-Jesus—you will be a captive and slave to countless forces.  Your will to live will dry up and blow away.


If you open the door to the Real-JESUS— you will have a peace, contentment, joy, kindness, adventures without end—that will never end.  


So how do I get this right?  


Ask the Spirit of Truth to guide you daily in how you listen and respond to the Real Jesus “that rather die than live without you.” (Michael Card)  This part of the God-head —will guide any and all through so that counterfeits will not ultimately make a fool out of you. 


Here are a wealth of other resources that I have found to be helpful in my journey on this dying planet that God will someday restore and plant the Capital of the Cosmos here!


Do yourself a favor and check these out:


Open to suggestions!  Send them my way!


Strength & Honor,


Dr. George

I was listening to the radio commentary from the Australian Tennis Open.  I was asking if they were aware of any tennis players taping into the tool:  Earthing/Grounding for health, with the focus on the topic of how this dan compliment recovery along with health maintenance for both athletes  along with the rest of us that live on this planet called Earth!

Check out these relays that validate folks like Aaron Robers the quarterback of the Green-bay Packers (American Football) along with teams that won*the tour de France multiple times.

More if needed!


Here is a quick but powerful survey that should help put and keep you in the holiday spirit!  And not just for the month of December, but year round!  Have fun that will make a positive difference!


Here is what I'm thinking.  After reading it, what are you thinking?

Life is so so short, even for those that die of “old age.”   May I allow YOU to help me take this precious few moments we have to decide if we will accept Your invitation to join YOU in an everlasting adventure!  I say yes!  Not only today do I say yes, but may I make it evident each day in unique and special ways that just as I want my love for my wife, kids, now daughter-in-law Riley, son-in-law Billy, grandkids x 3 at this juncture— Libby, Sophie, and Emma— that I “love & like them each” more today than yesterday. But just wait until tomorrow and see where we are!

This is inspired by Matthew 2.19 & 20:

-Here are a few other thoughts:
—Sure, Joseph could have waited till it was general knowledge.  But here are my thoughts why God gives us this insight and verse:
-Shows how God knows not only the future, but what is going on right now!
-God wanted them back within the country where the battle was being waged the hardest, for that is where Satan was attacking more than others (if one has to do a comparative study).  Don’t forget that we need to avoid any negative comparisons, for that is the “comparison trap.” That is the counterfeit that Satan and SIN brings.   The genuine is this:  Each unique situation, though it has many similarities—is still unique.  God is huge in uniqueness!
-Their making  plans and the move before others, whom may have fled from this tyrannical despot of a life, let alone a noble King but had become a super-cruel dictator puppet for Satan.   

-What will I think next time I come across this verse?!?
-What do you think? 

So chew on these verses and see what the Spirit of Truth has to say to you!