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Here is a quick but powerful survey that should help put and keep you in the holiday spirit!  And not just for the month of December, but year round!  Have fun that will make a positive difference!


Here is what I'm thinking.  After reading it, what are you thinking?

Life is so so short, even for those that die of “old age.”   May I allow YOU to help me take this precious few moments we have to decide if we will accept Your invitation to join YOU in an everlasting adventure!  I say yes!  Not only today do I say yes, but may I make it evident each day in unique and special ways that just as I want my love for my wife, kids, now daughter-in-law Riley, son-in-law Billy, grandkids x 3 at this juncture— Libby, Sophie, and Emma— that I “love & like them each” more today than yesterday. But just wait until tomorrow and see where we are!

This is inspired by Matthew 2.19 & 20:

-Here are a few other thoughts:
—Sure, Joseph could have waited till it was general knowledge.  But here are my thoughts why God gives us this insight and verse:
-Shows how God knows not only the future, but what is going on right now!
-God wanted them back within the country where the battle was being waged the hardest, for that is where Satan was attacking more than others (if one has to do a comparative study).  Don’t forget that we need to avoid any negative comparisons, for that is the “comparison trap.” That is the counterfeit that Satan and SIN brings.   The genuine is this:  Each unique situation, though it has many similarities—is still unique.  God is huge in uniqueness!
-Their making  plans and the move before others, whom may have fled from this tyrannical despot of a life, let alone a noble King but had become a super-cruel dictator puppet for Satan.   

-What will I think next time I come across this verse?!?
-What do you think? 

So chew on these verses and see what the Spirit of Truth has to say to you!

Here is a post from my facebook page:


I'm taking a survey. It has to do on how serious genuine mature followers of Jesus will be able to be better ambassadors for the real God. Below shows how we have dropped the ball on the gospel that folks have heard from most "Christians."

After seeing the first link, what do you think Jesus would say to that last question "From what?" (Click on the same picture of Jesus standing at the door. It is the on the left, 3rd picture down and enjoy the animation.)

Then go to this link to see what my current top answer is. I'll be posting the top 10 answers in the near future and plan to update as I get more responses!

P.S. This has been a fun conversation starter when you even give people the verbal picture and fill in the conversation. for the counterfeit one, I change my voice from friendly to one that is more of a gangster type voice!

Here is the first link:

Hey Guys,


Here are some sites that were amazing and refreshing that I’ve come across lately in "My Safari & Adventures of Life and Living.”  Eager to hear what you think!


1.  Check out this guy whom 1/8 people know of:


Neat Brainy-quotes by Nick:


2. Here is a “Big Picture” worth looking into!


3. .  Don’t have be scared of the Very ONE WHOM takes aware all unhealthy fear/ anxiety / being scared /  & any & all discontent!


4.  The gospel of Tennis!  (see above for the everlasting GOSPEL)!  

  1. This is good for your brain and your body! Check it out and then pass it on!-



Share with me both your impressions above, along with something I should pass on to our growing community of adventurers whom are out to make a positive difference!


Strength & Honor,






My son Grant & I are working on a project that showcases God's amazing love & vulnerability that cuts through the Enemies lies.   Eager to get your thoughts and feedback on it.  It is a one page relay!   


God's Hands

 When someone says, "God loves you," what do you think?  Do you huff and say, "He loves me if I'm good," or, "He will love me if I quit sinning," or, "He loves me if I love Him back, but if I don't He will burn me in hell,"?
 If those are your thoughts then you probably want nothing to do with that cruel manipulator who calls himself god.  You know true love is not conditional or threatening.
 But what if you learned that God loves you even when you are bad, that He loves you while you are sinning, that if you choose to reject His love, He will respect your choice, even though it will break His heart for eternity?
 An ancient prophet spoke God's heart and said, "Can a new mother forget her nursing baby?"
 "No!" you say.
 The prophet replied, "Even if that impossibility ever happened, God could never forget you."  Then the prophet spoke of his future and our past, and God stretched out his almighty arms and said,"Look, I have carved you into the palms of my hands."
 We lean in and look but only see the scars left by the nails of the cross.
 "This is how much I love you," God says.  "These scars are permanent just like my love for you. I went through this pain because I love you."
 "Someone has lied about me. He says that no one is good enough for me. He says you have to earn my love.  But the truth is all you have to do is accept my love."
 "For eternity every single human being will be in these scars. The ones who accepted my love will see their salvation and cry tears of joy as they slowly comprehend the vastness of my love for them.  They see their names, and so do I."  
 "But I AM God, so I see more.  I see those who rejected my love, and I cry tears of unutterable anguish because my beloved children did not want to come home.  I did every possible thing to convince them of my love, and finally because of that love, I let them go. They wanted nothing to do with me, and it will break my heart for eternity."
 "When everyone gets to heaven, I will wipe away all their tears, but deep in my heart I will never stop mourning the loss of my children who only exist in my memory and my scars."

 "So the next time you hear someone say, 'God loves you,' don't shake your head and believe the lies about Me.  Instead look at my scars and see what I went through to give you the chance to live with me forever, and know that no matter what you decide, I will always love you."