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Where Do You Want Your Name?


Who has not been impacted by the story, “Footprints in the Sand.”  This short relay attempts to help us to turn the the proverbial coin over, and see something impactful —that has for way to long been overlooked. 

What do you think?

To Get is good.  To give is better.  But oh, by far, the best is to share!”  George N. Graves DO, Family Physician & Life Coach.


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We can all agree that there is a lot of groaning that all creation can ID with. But is is neat that there are roses on the thorns, and elephants on the beach!  I think this puts a grin on the Creator's face, along with His Two Partners!



Brian Zahnd says it so well.  Neat to see how this picture reminds us this is how the rest of the Cosmos operates!  We are the only ones out of touch with this Comic way of living life!

This is a post about why God's 2nd book is so important to "read".


We are about to change the name from 2nd Book to the First Book.  The Book of Creation is as old as life on this planet is.  And the gift of the 2nd Book  (The Bible) is what helps us correctly interpret the illustrations that the First Book (Nature/Creation) gives us. 


Don’t misunderstand me:  we need both Books plus the Spirit of Truth that helps both do the healing work we all desperately need.  And using these two gifts + with the Spirit of Truth that we allows the healing and growth that is win-win for all . . . that spills right out into the onlooking Cosmos!