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Life is busy for most folks.  Thus my reason for not posting.  Generally I'll try and keep my thoughts brief, but look forward to introducing you and those in your community of family and friends.   See links to follow that are worth checking into!  Sure it is a bit of a fruit salad, but enjoy the diversity!   (Hope to go into more details soon on these!)


- Healthy Margin to help bring us out of overload or keep us from it!  Here is the link:


- Just talked to a quality Dentist that is also thumbs up on a great book that has great insights as to both how Satan has distorted the Gospel- and yet shows how it is being restored to it's untainted / uncorrupted state.   Bill Chambers does a great job with "Love that Heals."   From audio books (allows you to fly through books, to ebooks, or literal books--you will not regret reading this:


- I use to think archeology to be boring.  But no more!   Check this out and see just how God has the "the rocks crying out!"


More when time allows!







Are you or I— really generous? 


“You know how to give. Everyone gives something somewhere. We define our generosity by our random acts of goodness. But generosity is more than that. Generosity is the premeditated, calculated, designated emancipation of personal financial assets. When you become generous, you give more, save more, and consume less. It can free you from the Great American Insanity Cycle of spending more than we make, accumulating debt, having no financial margin, worrying about money, and spending money we don’t have in order to distract ourselves from worry.” Andy Stanley


You really owe to yourself to check this out.  You really owe it to those you love & like- to check this out.  You know down deep, you owe it everyone—including the One Who is the ultimate Maker of us all.  Let Him restore you.  HE alone can do this.  Here is practical way He can.  


Glad you are thinking.  Let me know what I might want to share that is worth being thought about!



People are impressed with daring rescues!  I think this is well illustrated by this book with an unusual title:  “Oh, My God” by Paul Cinquemani CPA.  And unlike taxes, that CPA are tied to— this book is here free (in the PDF form)— or you can pay for the paper if you want a hard copy book.  (It too would be a bargain!)


We tend to here these words spoken in the negative.  Something tragic has occurred that spills these words from our lips. Paul does an artful job here in  giving both a refreshing and flowing book that makes the book not long enough! 


So do everybody a favor and check this out.  It will have a positive impact on you.


Keep thinking!  Let me know what you think about this!  What might be topics or resources we both want to explore and then to share?  Eager to here as this community grows!

Where Do You Want Your Name?


Who has not been impacted by the story, “Footprints in the Sand.”  This short relay attempts to help us to turn the the proverbial coin over, and see something impactful —that has for way to long been overlooked. 

What do you think?


Underneath the Door with Michael Card (both mp4 & mp3 interview):    Addressing the shut doors between us and those we were designed to be open to us—family dysfunction. 

This successful musician, author, radio host, & lecturer—shares his story that shows honor, yet is honest to how the door between his Dad & himself—wounded him.  Listen to both the relays on the subject, or it has deep roots that impact us both horizontally & vertically!


I’ve seen the near universal impact that Michael’s story has had.   For those blessed enough to only identify by saying that they don’t want needless doors between them and those that are suppose to be close to them—great.  For the rest of us whom can identify with some painful doors between ourself and other(s) whom were suppose to be there for us.


For the high % of folks who are somewhere on the spectrum of healing from the closed doors between them and others—just know that “God will not waste your pain.”   And know that He was not the source of the pain.  HE Who knows infinitely about scars that go beyond one’s skin, but deep to one’s heart, mind,  that make up one’s very soul—-HE alone can both begin a healing process.  


In closing, Michael touches on in the audio interview that the scars will be with us on this earth.  Scriptures make it clear that though God  gives us the grace / help we need to get through the storms , our tears do not end until after the day called “The Day of Judgment.  That is when we see our lost friends & family do the unthinkable—pierce God one last time by giving their unique spirit back into the very hands* that ultimately knit them together.  That is why sin will never rise again.


What do you think?



*See the picture & prose— Where Do You Want Your Name?