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To Get is good.  To give is better.  But oh, by far, the best is to share!”  George N. Graves DO, Family Physician & Life Coach.


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Hearing is good.  But seeing words illustrated is better! I think Matthew (former tax guy turned disciple of Jesus) would like how this short but powerful video illustrates his words:  “Love (& like) your neighbors as you would want your neighbors to love (& like) you.”  (my paraphrase)


Enjoy this 4 minute video.  Good will finally win out!



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WARNING—What you are about to check out can be dangerous to unhealthy thinking!  It will help you to see life as it truly is, but also see what it can become—if you choose to cooperate with the positive Cosmic Forces.  


Guinness World Records is widely regarded the Bible to be the best-selling book of all times estimating that over 5 billions copies have been sold.  Then think of how many have been given away, let alone passed down to family & friends.  


Yet most would agree that, that though the above fact is true they would painfully admit that it is not read (or listened to) enough.  The biggest disappointing tragedy is the lack of positive difference it has not mad, but most tragically few seem to have a meaningful understanding that others can testify that it is making a positive difference.


Let me share one tools (more to come I hope) that may well be a catalyst to what may change this!  It is a fresh example of a growing community of mature disciples of man-God named Jesus that came to show us the Real Father-God.  And He told us that this BOOK  comes with the personal Tutor  also known as Spirit of Truth to coach you!


No purchase necessary either!  Simply download the free app!  For those in the Apple community—it should be out very soon - in April of 2015 most likely.  Till then go to the website that showcases this and many other rich resources— Journal of the Watcher - (unique book that is not only audio but pictorial for adults down to babies in my medical opinion as a Family Doctor)!


So here are the links.  I would encourage you to read the preface of both the book along with the preface of Revelation.  This will wet your appetite for a feast that will help you enjoy life the way it was designed to be.


For Droid devices:


For those using P.C.’s:


Apple users:  Go to app store.  Till released, go to the link for P.C.’s.


Link to Preface of N.T.-


Link to preface of Revelation:




Looking forward to your input!


We can all agree that there is a lot of groaning that all creation can ID with. But is is neat that there are roses on the thorns, and elephants on the beach!  I think this puts a grin on the Creator's face, along with His Two Partners!



Brian Zahnd says it so well.  Neat to see how this picture reminds us this is how the rest of the Cosmos operates!  We are the only ones out of touch with this Comic way of living life!