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If I’m the one to introduce you to Andy Stanley, I am highly honored.  He has been a fresh breathe that covers topics that tie to one’s work to how they pursue their Creator.  He is winsome, genuine, and yet cutting edge on how to live life in a meaning and impactful way.

His series on Future Family (p.15 in video book) is a great introduction.  And his podcast Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast in terrific.  For links- see below.

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Dr George's Vegan Ice Cream Recipe: 


I’ve had a blast working on various recipes.  I tend to work on those that tie to vegan, and Vegan Ice Cream has been my most time tested.  I almost went commercial with Dr. George’s Ice Cream.


With the recipe comes this friendly challenge:  “I will seriously consider making other healthy choices to balance out any sugar/fat that I am taking in.  So I will plan to find some way to add some exercise that I enjoy; drink more water; laugh more from quality humor; and guard my sleep more!


Vegan Ice Cream—-

3 cups of Almond milk (Plain / Vanilla / Chocolate) + all varieties from 30 calories to 110 )

1 cup Non-Dairy Creamer - Riches is great one or one can use Soy Creamers (most regular non-dairy are dairy— has whey). 

1 Small Pudding mix (your choice flavor-- Jello is vegan)

Helpful to add 1/8 teaspoon of GUM powder

Chocolate, Pistachio, Oreo, &  Vanilla*  flavors are my most frequent ones, but I've recently added old fashion peanut butter & chocolate sauce is a real winner.   Mint chocolate chip is a fun one also!


*Vanilla -- to be creamer--one can go with 1.5 to 2 cups of creamer helps this recipe.  


Vegan deserts—


word of mouth————


FACE book

Let me develop this is a little bit more.

As a kid, we all heard a lot of "Polack" jokes.  I remember seeing late nightTV program (The Dick Cavett Show).  They have a representative of the coolest people program and the subject was Polack jokes.  

I still remember how the audience was rude and even the cabinet himself was not as diplomatic as one would hope.  In the guest got so offended that he got off and let the set— leaving them with a hole they couldn’t fill smoothly!

So the “Blonde jokes / Polack jokes  / off color jokes. . .” that are at the expense of others — are in my opinion—COUNTERFEIT  HUMOR.

Be smart and don't take Counterfeit Humor.  Enjoy the Genuine Humor that resonates with the onlooking Cosmos!

Links I find in this arena are:
     Denniss did a great job with the Man Code (see video blog for this) that is what the men who are the disciples of Jesus desperately need to apply!

What do you think?


Subject: Death of the MOSTER God


To whom / Whom do you look up to?  For those of us that are not only convinced that there is one true God, we need to be still wise that we  are not taken in by any poison that the fallen Angelic Son Lucifer-now Satan would love to have us keep ignoring.


My new friend Brian Zahnd has done us both a huge favor in this one relay!  I must warn you that you, like me, may keep enjoying the other parts of this series!  He is batting 7/7 thus far!


My partner Buz & I did a podcast/webinar on Brian’s (Zahnd) did a podcast / webinar on this.   From my humble opinion, it may well be worth you time!


For a teaser, check out his introduction:


Death of the Monster God

Brian Zahnd  March 23, 2014 


“The Crucified GodWhen we look at the death of Jesus on the cross in the light of the resurrection, we are looking at our salvation. But, what do we really see when we look at the cross? Are we looking at the appeasement of a monster god through barbaric child sacrifice? Or are we seeing something else? Is the cross vengeance or love? When Jesus says, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,” he is not asking God to act contrary to his nature. He is, in fact, revealing the very heart of God! The cross is not about the satisfaction of a vengeful monster god, the cross is the full revelation of a supremely merciful God! In Christ we discover a God who would rather die than kill his enemies. Once we know that God is revealed in Christ, we know what we are seeing when we look at the cross: The cross is where God in Christ absorbs sin and recycles it into forgiveness. The crucifixion is not what God inflicts upon Christ in order to forgive, but what God endures in Christ as he forgives.”