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Subject: Death of the MOSTER God


To whom / Whom do you look up to?  For those of us that are not only convinced that there is one true God, we need to be still wise that we  are not taken in by any poison that the fallen Angelic Son Lucifer-now Satan would love to have us keep ignoring.


My new friend Brian Zahnd has done us both a huge favor in this one relay!  I must warn you that you, like me, may keep enjoying the other parts of this series!  He is batting 7/7 thus far!


My partner Buz & I did a podcast/webinar on Brian’s (Zahnd) did a podcast / webinar on this.   From my humble opinion, it may well be worth you time!


For a teaser, check out his introduction:


Death of the Monster God

Brian Zahnd  March 23, 2014 


“The Crucified GodWhen we look at the death of Jesus on the cross in the light of the resurrection, we are looking at our salvation. But, what do we really see when we look at the cross? Are we looking at the appeasement of a monster god through barbaric child sacrifice? Or are we seeing something else? Is the cross vengeance or love? When Jesus says, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,” he is not asking God to act contrary to his nature. He is, in fact, revealing the very heart of God! The cross is not about the satisfaction of a vengeful monster god, the cross is the full revelation of a supremely merciful God! In Christ we discover a God who would rather die than kill his enemies. Once we know that God is revealed in Christ, we know what we are seeing when we look at the cross: The cross is where God in Christ absorbs sin and recycles it into forgiveness. The crucifixion is not what God inflicts upon Christ in order to forgive, but what God endures in Christ as he forgives.”

This is a post about why God's 2nd book is so important to "read".


We are about to change the name from 2nd Book to the First Book.  The Book of Creation is as old as life on this planet is.  And the gift of the 2nd Book  (The Bible) is what helps us correctly interpret the illustrations that the First Book (Nature/Creation) gives us. 


Don’t misunderstand me:  we need both Books plus the Spirit of Truth that helps both do the healing work we all desperately need.  And using these two gifts + with the Spirit of Truth that we allows the healing and growth that is win-win for all . . . that spills right out into the onlooking Cosmos!