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Let me develop this is a little bit more.

As a kid, we all heard a lot of "Polack" jokes.  I remember seeing late nightTV program (The Dick Cavett Show).  They have a representative of the coolest people program and the subject was Polack jokes.  

I still remember how the audience was rude and even the cabinet himself was not as diplomatic as one would hope.  In the guest got so offended that he got off and let the set— leaving them with a hole they couldn’t fill smoothly!

So the “Blonde jokes / Polack jokes  / off color jokes. . .” that are at the expense of others — are in my opinion—COUNTERFEIT  HUMOR.

Be smart and don't take Counterfeit Humor.  Enjoy the Genuine Humor that resonates with the onlooking Cosmos!

Links I find in this arena are:
     Denniss did a great job with the Man Code (see video blog for this) that is what the men who are the disciples of Jesus desperately need to apply!

What do you think?